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Print embellishments

Print embellishments

How do you make sure that your book, magazine, catalogue or tear-off calendar stands out even more?

With the use of print embellishments, you can make your product attract even more attention. Take, for example, an ultra-glossy lamination layer, an eye-catching spot coating or foil print in any colour you want. With the help of laser technology, it is even possible to finely cut out the parts of a book cover. All these techniques make sure that your design gets the extra oomph it deserves. You can also add extra accents with creative use of foil on certain text or image areas.

This means that there are countless ways besides typography and images that can make your printed material stand out even more.

The use of ‘blind' embossing also gives it an extra dimension. Embossing is a technique whereby a relief is applied to printed material. When embossing (a print in relief) is combined with foil stamping, this is referred to as ‘foil embossing’.

In addition to embossing, we can also die-cut a specific shape into your cover.

By using a UV spot coating, you can accentuate photos or the title that little bit more. Print embellishments not only makes your products more appealing, but, as is the case with coating or laminating, it also gives them a layer of extra protection against external influences.

During the lamination process, a plastic layer is applied to the printed material to protect it from scratches, creases or dirt. This plastic film is applied using an adhesive. Laminating can be done in matt or glossy and is often applied to book covers.

Edge colouring

Printed material with 'edge colouring' means printed material with coloured edges on the sides. A book stands out immediately if it has a coloured edge on its sides.

Laser cutting

When it comes to laser cutting, you can set any shape or size you like, and the laser light does its work to within a tenth of a millimetre. With conventional die-cutting, you first have to make a mould, which is more expensive and less flexible. With laser cutting, you can literally do anything.

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